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Hand sewing for the holidays - Hand Sewing and Quilting

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October 3rd, 2008

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03:59 pm - Hand sewing for the holidays

Hello! I'm new to this community and I thought I would introduce myself by showing my latest project:
My neighborhood has a sewing group and we have started doing some handsewn ornaments for the holidays:
Below are several ornaments I've worked on. These are all hand stitched and hand embroidered in various designs.

There are two underneath that are just plain dots and those are ones I taught fellow members how to make.
They are used to machine sewing and are just learning how to sew by hand so I'm teaching them a little bit at a time.

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Date:October 4th, 2008 03:02 am (UTC)
A lot of materials we have are donated, and someone donated a BARREL of felt fabric - Most of it was in red and green. When I first saw it, it was all wrinkled up and I thought EW! Synthetic felt!

Then I realized: HEY! Synthetic doesn't wrinkle! I wonder if it's real wool felt? I did a burn test and it WAS wool! A miracle in this day and age as this stuff was made prior to the current felting craze.

The real stuff is SOFT like cotton...and it stretches where you need it to. Don't have your front and back in alignment? Stretch the side that's coming up short. I have fallen in love with the stuff. The filling is cotton fiberfill (as far as I can tell, again donated but the fiber is incredibly soft and spins up just like cotton) and sewn up with DMC cotton floss, (3 strands work best) and the occasional bead or piece of rickrack.

A lot of these we (we being the Ridgedale Sewing and Crafts Society) are selling to raise money for a brand new Serger. Anything that does not sell will be door prizes at your Ridgedale Community Association Christmas Party.

Kid of counterproductive to hand sewing. I'm secretly hoping that I will have taught them so much they will be hooked by the time we get money for the serger.

The loop is made by doing finger crochet with one strand red and one strand white together. I would do 6 inches, the close out the loop, then pick up an inch later and do antoher 6 inches, etc, so I had a strand of ready to go loops handy. I just have to snip one off at the one inch gap between sections.

Time for each ornament varies according to the time it takes to embroider both sides. Yes. I do both sides, cause then you never have to worry about having a wrong side.

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