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My 2nd big project - Hand Sewing and Quilting

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April 26th, 2009

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05:01 pm - My 2nd big project
When I started quilting I told all my kids that I would hand piece and hand quilt a king size quilt for each of them. I have 3 kids and have completed one. This is the second one. This is just the top, I finished it this afternoon, it has taken me 3 years to get this much done. I still need to quilt it but will probably wait until fall since the batting is wool from a local farm that raises sheep. Plan to pin baste it tomorrow in case I get inspired to work on it sooner.

Finished top for Jen
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Date:April 27th, 2009 09:34 am (UTC)
Good grief, that's a lot of piecing. And a truly stunning quilt, beautiful use of colour and shading. I made myself a king-size bedspread, but the pieces were a moderate size (6" diamonds), nor was it densely quilted (I quilted it as far apart as the batting would take, it was actually really quick to quilt - the cold winter we've just had was my main incentive to finish it!). And I'm still not planning to do that again in a hurry, especially since I don't actually have enough floor space to baste something that size in one go. It was the one quilt I've made where I didn't need to press seams straight after sewing them, in fact I had to leave it that way so that I could decide which way up to put the strips later. So it was amenable to being sewn wherever, in my case at the local Stitch & Bitch once and thereafter mostly in bed (I'm disabled). I think it's also easier hand-quilting when a quilt gets to that size: I'm only just learning how to use my sewing machine, but I'd hate to try to get a quilt that size into it. How did you design the layout, did you do lots of triangle pairs by colour and then spend ages crawling around on the flloor to decide where to put them?
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Date:April 27th, 2009 02:59 pm (UTC)
I made it in horizontal strips. I started in the middle, stitched about 6 x 8 rows then added about 4-6 rows out from the completed center each time I finished a section until it was the size that I wanted it to be. The half square triangle blocks are 2 1/2 inches completed.

My living room is just big enough to lay out a king size quilt to baste. But it is almost too small to lay out pieces. If I had pieced it all at one time it would have gone from wall to wall and I would have had to move all the furniture out!

I really like your quilting pattern for your king size bedspread. I was wanting to do something similar with this quilt. My oldest daughter (the one that is getting this quilt) thinks it looks like a vortex. So I wanted to do something that would give that impression (or a wind storm, stormy water). The bat has no scrim so I will have no choice but to quilt it more densely than I normally do.

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